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For the past year or so, I have wanted a way to aggregate the latest space blog posts and space news articles into one page - a one-stop shop for all the latest news from the space community. Now, thanks to a number of free tools such as Google Reader, Blogrolling, and RSS-to-Javascript, the one-stop space resource is finally a reality.

Below you will find links to the 50 most recent blog posts published by a selection of over 100 Space Blogs, and links to the 50 most recent news articles published by over 30 space news websites.

But that's not all! Further down the page is a live feed from NASA TV, followed by the Astronomy Picture of the day. At the bottom of the page is a huge list of space-related blogs and websites, a great resource for students or anyone interested in space, astronomy, or rocketry.

Want to listen to astronomy-related podcasts? Oh, we've got podcasts. At the top of the sidebar is a button for the Astronomy Media Player. Clicking that will bring up a pop-up window with nearly two dozen astronomy podcasts, assembled by Stuart at Astronomy Blog.

Looking for some specific space topic? The Rollyo search engine in the sidebar will search through the sites of the top 25 space blogs, top 25 space news sites, top 25 space businesses, or the whole web for your search term.

Want to track a satellite? Clicking on the image of the location of the Hubble will bring up a page of the many excellent NASA-supplied tracking programs. Another good resource for satellite tracking is supplied by N2YO's Real Time Satellite Tracking, which is listed in the big list of links at the bottom of the page (under Images, Models, and Simulations).

The blog portion of this page has been pretty static for the last month. That's going to change. Up here I will be posting the occasional article. Some of what I post here will be space news, profiles of space businesses, reviews of space books, and maybe some profiles of some of the people involved in the new private space industry. There won't be many - if any - opinion pieces posted here though. I'll save my editorials for my Robot Guy blog.

If you know of a space news site, space blog, or other space resource that I don't have listed on this page, please feel free to leave a comment telling me about it. I'll do my best to keep the Big List of Space Links updated as necessary.

Thanks for stopping by Space Feeds. I hope that this proves to be a useful resource for all the space cadets out there.

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