Monthly Site Update - May

Update to the update: I noticed a slight problem in the display of the Microcom weekly space news feed in IE6; that is fixed now, and the site should now work on all browsers.

Well, it is a few days late, but I finally got around to updating the site. The first change you'll notice is a new button in the sidebar, connecting to NASA's CoLab project. I had wanted to include this in the big list of space links at the bottom of the page, but I just couldn't make it fit into one of my categories. I thought that this was an important project though, and that it should be easily reached from here, and so into the sidebar it goes.

The next change is about midway down the page. I have recently started experimenting with widgets, and I found some really good ones. One of them lists the most recent podcasts from The Space Show with Dr. David Livingston; clicking on a podcast title there will bring up a description, and you can even listen to the podcast right from this page. Another widget scours Flickr for the 30 newest astronomy images, which cycle in a slideshow about every eight seconds or so. And I found Phil Plait's Astronomy Buzz, which is now embedded right beside the Flickr slideshow.

I have also added some more links to The Big List O' Space Links: StarLight Learning and the delightful Space Geek (whoops... link fixed) to Education and Reference; Astro Shorts, NASA Image of the Day and Sloan Digital Sky Survey to Images, Models, and Simulations; SkyMania News, Dawn's Early Light, and SOHO Space Weather to Space News; and finally Space Buffs to Associations and Interest Groups. There are now 528 links on the Big List, and growing.

You may also notice that I have prettied things up a little bit, having added new title graphics to all the categories in the Big List and squashing the entire page a little bit horizontally to give a little whitespace on the sides.

As always, if you know of any space-, astronomy-, or rocketry-related links that I am missing, please let me know in the comments and I'll get right on adding those links. I haven't finalized this page by a long shot - I know that I want to that NASA Image of the Day to display right here on this page, probably just above or below APOD. Hopefully I'll get that included later this month.

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