Space Video of the Day - 080304

Today's space video of the day looks at the largest spacecraft ever built by the European Space Agency, the Jules Verne Automated Transfer Vehicle (ATV). This is actually several videos; first an ESA podcast about the ATV, then some selections from a news conference given by the ESA and NASA, and finally a CG animation (with no sound) of the mission. If all goes as currently scheduled, you can watch the launch of the Ariane 5 carrying the Jules Verne live at 3:59am GMT on March 9 (March 9, 0:59am Kourou; March 9, 4:59 am Malta; March 9, 6:59 am Moscow; March 9, 2:59pm Sydney; March 8, 10:59pm EST; March 8, 7:59pm PST) here, starting 20 minutes before the scheduled liftoff.

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