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Yesterday I promised that I would post the necessary code to add various elements of this page to your own blog or website. You may modify any of this code to suit your site's color scheme, available sidebar footprint, and so on in whatever way suits you, with one exception that I will explain below.

First of all, near the top of my sidebar is a button that pops up the Astronomy Media Player. The AMP is a collection of space-related podcasts aggregated together into one convenient player. Here's the code:

Next, if you want to install the Space and Astronomy Search Engine, use this:

Next we have the various news and blog feeds. First up is the Space Show with Dr. David Livingston. This is the one exception that I referred to above. You may modify this code in any way you wish, but I ask that you leave a link to The Space Show at the top.

Space Blog Feeds:

Space News Feeds:

More space feeds via Google Blogsearch:

Digg space feeds:

Weekly space news feeds: For this, you are probably best off simply subscribing to the news feed, which will be delivered to your email inbox.

Next, there are three space comics. The first two are fairly straightforward, and for the third I had to write a bit of javascript code. Before including any of these comics on your site, you might want to get permission from the artists, as I did.

Station V3:


Schlock Mercenary:

Of the lists of links in the Big List O' Space Links, only the Space Blogroll has conveniently short code. Instructions for adding this blogroll to your blog, or for joining the blogroll yourself, may be found here.

Here's the code for the image feeds. I have no control over the size of the image displayed, and sometimes APOD's image is wider than the screen. If someone figures out how to set the size of the displayed image, let me know.

NASA image of the day:

Astronomy Picture of the Day:

Finally, if you just want to put a button in your sidebar, add the following code to your blog template:


AddThis Feed Button

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